14. 11. 2023

Czech Space Alliance

As the name Czech Space Alliance suggests, it is not a single company, but an association of 19 companies across a wide range of technological disciplines that have proven capabilities and experience in the aerospace industry.

The Czech Space Alliance was established under the auspices of CzechTrade back in 2006 with the aim of contributing to the development of space activities in the Czech Republic, with the support of state institutions led by the Ministry of Transport within the framework of the European Space Agency (ESA) programme. However, the Czech Space Alliance is far from being limited to the borders of our country. It presents the skills of its members at international events and establishes new and new relationships with space agencies across the world.

The nineteen companies that are part of the Czech Space Alliance (5M, ADVACAM, AVX, BBT, BD Sensors, EGGO, Evolving systems consulting s.r.o., Frentech Aerospace, Huld, Iguassu, L.K.Engineering, OHB Czech, Rigaku, SAB Aerospace, Stratosyst, TERMA, TOSEDA, TTS, UNITES) are regularly successful in the field of space industry. The PLATO space telescope from 5M, which will search for nearby exoplanets that could offer suitable conditions for life, or the new-generation Vega-C rocket from Atos, which is more powerful and more efficient than its predecessors, are worth mentioning.