14. 11. 2023

Brno Space Cluster

Brno has great space potential, which it should make the best use of. This is the idea behind the creation of the Brno Space Cluster. This local cluster, composed of companies and academia, was founded in 2021 by nine entities active in the space sector. The success of this venture was not long in coming. During the first year alone, the cluster expanded by another ten members and currently has over twenty-two members and is growing steadily. It is currently the largest space association in the Czech Republic.

The vision of the cluster is to connect companies working on space projects and to create their own commercial and scientific products. In addition, the cluster also aims to educate and popularise space activities. The creation of the cluster was not only successful on the part of companies, but also supported by the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, which believes that this initiative has a high added value.

As the main objectives of the Brno Space Cluster include business and education, a new Master’s programme with a focus on systems engineering has been established at Brno University of Technology. Classes are taught in English and the program is open to 30 students from around the world each year. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through this programme. Czech companies that are part of the cluster offer them internships.